The app that makes College better.

Be in the know

View and add local events to the move board. Vote for the move and see where friends are going.

Drink with friends

See where your friends are drinking on the map or start the party and invite them to join you. 

Stories by the move

Watch stories from events in your area to see what's happening and share your own good times.

Everyday is a new day on the move. Check back in daily to vote for the move and see where your friends are going!

Meet The Team

One-night Stands

Plan your night out with no long-term commitments. One-night stand group chats auto-delete after 24 hrs. No more abandoned chats or lingering drunk texts.

Votes reset at 4 a.m

Your private network

Send, accept, or deny friend requests to share your moves with only those that are closest to you. 

Caden Hentz

Braden Bagby

Sean Lynch


the move is a Springfield, MO based startup founded by three college friends. After hearing our friends ask, "what's the move?" almost every night, we decided to make a way for all of us to have the answer to that question at our fingertips.


We're focused on building the move into the go-to social platform for those that like to have a good time. Cheers!